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Foundations is an attempt to get back to a more "grass-roots" atmosphere, where there are fewer members; but those members enjoy each others company and have similar interests and playstyles/playtimes.

Where there is something for everyone.....

  • If you want to log on for an hour or two and run dailies or do tradeskills, and visit in chat with your fellow Foundations peeps; we have it.
  • If you can't get online until later in the evening because of RL or waiting for kids to get to bed, not a problem.
  • If you want to run 5-10 man content with mains/alts, crossing guild boundaries; that's why we're here.
  • If you're looking for 25-man content, maybe a PUG can be had at MasterPug for those with the itch.

However, if you are looking for a HARDCORE, HIGH-STRESS, environment; it's one of the few things we DON'T offer here!!


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